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Template di contenuto
Questo template contiene esclusivamente contenuto che deve essere riutilizzato in diverse pagine. Per economia e per semplificare il mantenimento, il testo è replicato includendo il template in più schede: in questa maniera si evita di incollare il testo manualmente. Tutti questi template fanno parte di un apposito namespace denominato TC:.
Mission brief: Kiley 279
U.S.S. Archer – First Contact Mission
The mission objective (M.O.) is for the command team to assess,
and if necessary, provide a liaison to the governing body of
Kiley 279 in an effort to gauge the geo-political status and
abilities of government(s) on the aforementioned planet in their
conception, development, production, and utilization of warp
theory, as it pertains to the observed warp signature from said
planet, with a stated intent to introduce the system to the
practices and policies of the United Federation of Planets (UFP).
Said M.O. is performed under the purview of Starfleet General
Order 1, as Kiley 279 still needs to be assessed and may still be
considered below the accepted technological, scientific, and
cultural developmental thresholds