Photons Be Free

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Holonovel creata dal Dottore della Voyager.

L'introduzione al romanzo dura nove minuti e quattro secondi e inizia così: «Welcome.You've made an excellent choice. You're about to take part in a thrilling first-person narrative. You will take on the role of an emergency medical hologram the chief medical officer aboard the Starship vortex. As our story begins, an anomaly has hurled your ship thousands of light-years across the galaxy. To uphold your medical and ethical standards as you struggle against the crew's bigotry and intolerance. Persons with vascular disorders should consult a physician before running this program. And now, a few acknowledgments. First, dr. Lewis zimmerman the creator of my holo-matrix who's foresight and dedication have made it possible for me to achieve...»

L'opera è divisa in capitoli, alcuni dei quali sono:

  • Capitolo 1 «A healer is born»
  • Capitolo 5 «Out of the frying pan»
  • Capitolo 6 «Duel in the ready room»
  • Capitolo 7 «The escape»
  • Capitolo 8 «A tragic end»

Programma 47 Beta.




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