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Nel corso di Star Trek: Enterprise sono stati proposti vari episodi da filmare sia durante le prime quattro stagioni sia nella quinta stagione, se fosse stata prodotta.

Fred Dekker, che ha lavorato alla prima stagione, ha ricordato

On Enterprise, we staff writers would hear pitches a few times a month, and I came across a couple of ideas that I thought would make terrific episodes. So I would write these up and submit them thinking, 'Yeah, this is going to make for a great episode of Enterprise,' only to never hear anything about them again. It was like throwing ideas into a black hole.<htmltag tagname="footer">– Fred Dekker, Star Trek Magazine issue 180, p. 70[1]</htmltag>

Da tradurre

Verso la fine della seconda stagione di Star Trek: Enterprise, oppure nella pausa prima della terza, Judith e Garfield Reeves-Stevens hanno suggerito diverse idee a Mike Sussman e Phyllis Strong.
Garfield Reeves-Stevens ha dichiarato

We had a great meeting with Mike and Phyllis, and pitched all sorts of stories. However, the plot concepts were deemed unnecessary because the series was about to enter a season-long arc exploring the Xindi incident and therefore didn't require a lot of standalone episodes.<htmltag tagname="footer">– Garfield Reeves-Stevens, Before Her Time: Decommissioning Enterprise, Part One: New Voices[2]</htmltag>

Da tradurre

Non prodotti durante il corso della serie

Tom Bergeron story

Billiard ball story

Boomer stories

Colonel Green story

Korath story

Mars independence story

Phlox story

Porthos stories

Pulp Fiction-like story

William Shatner two-parter

Spock story

Tan Ru story

Trill story

Episodi proposti per la quinta stagione

La quinta stagione di Enterprise è stata in bilico per mesi e alcune idee sulle storie da raccontare erano già state pianificate

Stratos story

Kzinti story

First starbase

Mirror Universe story

Borg Queen origin story

T'Pol's father

Flint story

Denobula visit

Altre idee

Collegamenti esterni


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  2. "Before Her Time: Decommissioning Enterprise, Part One: New Voices", ENT Season 4 Blu-ray special features

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